Selling Point

Got an email day before yesterday from a guy who was determined to find a rent house in a newly fibered district NOW. I know how he feels but couldn’t much help. —But we should start seeing news of the first “You’ve got Fiber!” mailers soon but I don’t know where the first batch went. (Anyone got their blue mailers announcing service? Let us know in the comments!)

But that interest in a rent house, any rent house, just as long as it was on a street with the new fiber piqued both of the cells in my real estate brain and when I went a-googleing I found the following ad for a house in Broadmoor. (My emphasis.)

Neutral colors throughout. Dramatic floorplan offers living, dining, and kitchen all open to each other. Elevated ceilings, corner fireplace, and stained concrete floors offer lots of charm to this interior. Patio access from master suite- 2 closets in master bath with a beautifully bright skylight … great for busy people. Garage and patio area make the most of this backyard … Just waiting for a gardeners touch. Looks 2-story, but really 1-story plan. No-thru street makes for a very quiet location. LUS installing fiber in the subdivision. Seller can help with buyers closing costs.

It’s a selling point already…..

9 thoughts on “Selling Point”

  1. Wow, I didn’t think the “Broadmoor” area extends to the other side of the Mall from Broadmoor Blvd…

    Granted, I know there’s a house for rent on Ashwood Dr, if you want to pass that info along (That’s not far from me, I live on Gerald Dr), but I don’t know when LUS Fiber is coming here.

  2. Hi Nick,

    I’m real murky on where all the rollout is actually starting. What folks in the aerial areas want to look for is a black ribbed cannister looking thing that hangs from the poles. If your neighborhood has that installed and they’ve connected all of them together (no loops of fiber left hanging on the poles) they’ve pretty much finished in your neighborhood. That’s the last bit of prep. So you’re just waiting your turn for the installers to be turned loose on your neighborhood.

    There’s gotta be some parallel signs of readiness in the buried sections but I don’t know what that is….(Anyone out there know?)


  3. Hey John,

    Do you mean like this black-ribbed cannister looking thing I have on the pole in front of my house?

    Hopefully, that helps people get a better idea of what to look for. There’s one of these every 2-4 poles down my street.

    I think I remember seeing work crews snaking some orange piping at the underground-wired sections of my neighborhood, but I don’t know what specifically to look for otherwise. I might take a bit of a drive later and see if I spot anything.


  4. Nicky,

    Yes–the cannister shown in your post is exactly the one folks should look for. That is the last piece of network hardware between the network and the new box they will install on the side of your house. If its not there, your neighborhood is not ready. While its a good sign it isn’t entirely certain that you’re complete. There was a noticeable pause in my neighborhood between the installation of the cannisters and the linking up of bigger, similar-looking things down at the corners that distribute the fiber from the tan LUS neighborhood boxes.

    What’s good to know is that the cannisters appear in areas that are supplied by underground service. A nice visual cue. Do let us know if a walk around the neighborhood reveals more.

    (Anybody got any idea what that odd tail on the bottom of the cannisters is?)