The Fiber Availability Mailer

I know if I were out there I’d want details…so I scanned the mailer I got and am posting them below. What you see are index pics. Click on them to get the absurdly large images that I made for archival purposes.

Here’s how the experience went for me: My wife brought in the mail, looked up smiling and said: “There’s something here I think you’ll want.” One look told me she was right. (Layne’s always right.)

What I got was a slim glossy mailer taped up on three sides; right there on the front it said: “Service is now available to you.”

And on the back “LUS Fiber is here. Welcome to YOUR Future.”

I slit it open with my trusty, rusty pocket knife and it unfolded to an 81/2 by 11 brochure. The cover was pretty dramatic but what caught my eye was the phrase “Waiting was the hard part.” My sentiments exactly.

Setting aside the two black and white sheets of 12 point type found inside I found a double truck with a note from Terry Huval on the left hand page touting the technical quality and hometown services of the new network.

The right hand page laid out the advantages of the fiber network and gave five reasons to switch. Can’t say as I paid much attention at first; I knew I was going to buy into the system. But they seem pretty sensible to me as I go back over it.

I wanted to sign up as soon as possible (natch) and scanned for that number Huval has been telling us we should only call after we get the notice in the mail. And there it was: 99-Fiber. My wife and I quickly poured over the details; we’d thought about what we wanted before; we were not going with one of the packages but wanted to get the various pieces at different levels and since we wouldn’t be penalized for doing so by LUS it was easy to do without a lot of complex calculation or second guessing. We talked briefly and confirmed our choices with each other quickly. (Yes, she was ok with it if I indulged in the 50 megs symmetrical…you’ve heard smiles described as indulgent? Like that.) Here’s what we looked at. Don’t take it as current necessarily. As I understand it channels are still being added daily. But as an historical artifact…here you go:

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