Get Your Fiber…in Rent House

According to friend of LPF Nick Istre (who incidentally has his own nifty blog, The Asian Cajun) LUS fiber now is providing service to folks in rental houses. Nick tweeted his complaints about a bad day with Cox’s service that was driving him mad and decided to do something more than complain. So he just called LUS and asked….

…issues with Cox’s connection had driven me to just cold call LUS to see if it was available for me yet. I mean, the worst they could do is say no, right?

Ends up, it is *yes*, at least after they got a Landlord permission form put together as I am in a rental house from my dad. So it’s a matter of printing out the form, have him and I fill it out, and send it back to LUS, and on Monday, I’ll be scheduling a time when the tech can come out.

The sales associate handling the call was wonderful, as I had originally called in on Tuesday. She informed me then that they were working on a landlord permission form for renters as LUS will have to install equipment on the property, but she called me almost every day to tell me that they were still working on it until it was ready today. I could grumble about it taking a while to type up a form, but I figure that they have to run it through legal channels first…

50 Mbps, here I come!

My guess is that he is not grumbling much!