Huval to Speak to IEEE VR Group

LUS Fiber is going to be promoted tomorrow in an international venue tomorrow….Right off Pinhook. 😉

The IEEE Virtual Reality conference is being held in Lafayette this year—a big win for Lafayette’s international reputation in that rarified space. LITE and the people there are surely much of what brought them here…but LUS Fiber is also a selling point used to demonstrate that our city is a tech venue even if it isn’t off a major international airport.

Terry Huval will be presenting on LUS Fiber to this group–and interested local tech types–at Tech South’s reception tomorrow evening. It’s open to the public and if you haven’t heard about it through one of the myriad lists that has publicized it you’re invited too…bop on over to the Eventbrite page and register. I, for one am curious as to what Terry has to say to this crowd. My guess is that it won’t be the same talk I heard at the League of Women Voters. 😉

And, by the way, I’m going to give a five minute bit on Lafayette Commons…asking for help in both the vision and the tech implementation departments in order to make a nice set of tools freely available to the community. And provide a commercial-free platform for further development.

Might just be worth showing up for…

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