Watch the F2C Conference Live! (Updated)

A quick note from the F2C conference. You can watch the live stream—and it looks very good. The conference this year is highly recommended: the speakers are amazing ranging from Pulitzer Prize winning authors to absolutely top notch fiber partisans to the guys who actually build the networks. Some, like Lafayette’s own Terry Huval qualify on multiple grounds.

Tim Nulty, the force behind Vermont’s fiber to the home projects (yes projects, plural) is on as I type this now, next on the same panel is the guy who put together Amsterdam’s ground-breaking system. And that is only the first panel. Watch!

The link: rtsp://

A link to the agenda/schedule might help…

And, should you want to follow the chatter, there is also a chat stream that comments the talks:

Update: 3/31/09 — I’m not sure who else is blogging this conference but the Broadband Census guy just down the isle is doing a pretty good job. Coverage of Tom Friedman’s keynote is provided by CNet. (I’m hoping that the streaming video is being archived somewhere and I’ll be able to post an update with that link…)

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