$50.00 netbook available at Radio Shack

Ok, so the fine print reads:

With qualifying new 2-year AT&T agreement on rate plans $60/mo. or more. $349.99 unactivated.

Still, you get a real computer with connectivity built in. On the downside you’re tied to AT&T and I don’t see any other connectivity option listed in the specs on the Radio Shack page…an otherwise very similar Acer machine is an Aspire which you can find for as little $280.00 online which has both ethernet and basic wifi built in.

That’s for a netbook with an 8.9″ screen…Netbooks are all the rage this year but are putting a serious crimp in the profit margins for the companies who are selling them.

In roughly the same areana is the almost-confirmed-rumor that Apple is about to announce a tablet computer —a ten inch touchpad that would be a cross between a Macbook laptop and an iphone/ipod touch device…some rumors place it as a Verizon network offering that would be subsidized by Verizon in the same fashion that the iPhone and this Acer laptop are being subsidized by AT&T.

The point for denizens of Lafayette and digiterati more generally is that the price of Network Attached Devices (NADs) continues to fall and the innovation bonanza spurred by the iPhone is still ongoing. Smart phone and computer convergence continue apace. Here in Lafayette with wireless networks in the offing by both Cox and LUS there’ll be a place to try such inexpensive networked devices in a real-world context with “regular folks.” And, of course, further close the digital divide.

The downside of all these nifty new devices is that nobody can “eat just one.” Everyone with two computers or a computer and a smart phone has already encountered the biggest problem with having more than one shiny, nifty communications device: keeping the #$@@** things synched. The iPhone does a pretty reliable job of this nowadays—as long as you remember to synch. The way around remembering to synch is to use a centralized online storage and backup system that synchs copies from all to all whenever you’re connected. None of these, to my knowledge are all that reliable. (.mac is often seen as best of breed; a sorry comment if true I can tell you.) A third, related, way to simplify things is to move most of your life online to one of the cloud server systems like Google Apps where no synching is really required; the docs live online first and any local copy pulled down to work on offline via Gears is always the ‘copy.’

Lafayette Commons, running on a Google Apps platform will be an good way to simplify and centralize you online life across multiple devices and platforms when it formally launches. Watch this space. (Yes, a teaser on LPF…will surprises never end. 🙂 )

Interesting times.

5 thoughts on “$50.00 netbook available at Radio Shack”

  1. I think its perfect timing when the netbooks came out. With the economy the way it is, people are watching their pocket books and looking for cheaper stuff. Bigger is not always better in this economy. My Mom bought a Dell Mini 9 a couple months ago from SamsClub.com for $250. I am very impressed with the build quality and features. The screen and keyboard are to small for my taste, but its perfect for certain people. I was thinking about buying one, despite the size, just to install Mac OSX on it.

    I guess if you plan on using AT&T for netbook access, the deal is ok, otherwise they are cheap enough to buy without a plan.

  2. Monkeyboy,

    You're right; no need to sign on with AT&T to get one unless you're certain that network is what you'll want for the life of the machine. But I was wowsered by the 50 bucks. That's 50 dollars lower than the other similar deal I recall seeing.

    I do think a lot of folks are hackintoshing the netbooks; if you go that route check the web; some work better than others for that purpose I hear.

  3. @John,

    Yep, there is a chart online (Gizmodo maybe) that shows which Netbook is best for OSX. The Dell Mini 9 is works 100% (until Apple maybe breaks it with a future update)