“Fiber service coming to Saint Streets”

The Independent covers the installation of fiber in the “Saint Streets and the [adjacent] Oaklawn neighborhoods.” The news seem to be that mcuh these neighborhoods were not in “phase 1” of the build but are getting fiber a bit out of sequence due to a happy worker scheduling issue. But if you’ll check the LUS online map (and LPF’s possibly more easily navigated version) you’ll see that most of these neighborhoods are in Phase 1. Color me Orange—confused but happy.

Still, I’ve had several calls or emails from folks in the area who wanted fiber and were hoping to get it…they’re gonna be some especially happy people in the triangle described by the hospital, the university, and downtown—a natural hotbed of high-fiber consumers.

It’s certainly getting to the edges of phase 1; and , I’ve no doubt, is straying over the line in some places.

Be of good heart all of ye hungry hopeful; it’s coming:

LUS is on track to meet its goal of being able to provide service to anyone within the city limits by the first quarter of 2011. Currently, Huval says, LUS is offering service in some areas around the Acadiana Mall and in the Broadmoor subdivision. “We have the system built there,” he says. “And we’re opening up small pockets at a time to take in customers. We’re not opening the whole system, we’re taking bits at a time, just whatever we can handle with the manpower we’ve got right now. But as time goes on we’re going to have more and more manpower installing services so we’re going to get much faster.”


Even though you may see crews laying fiber in your neighborhood, don’t expect the service to be available the next day. Huval says it generally takes four to six months from the time fiber is buried or hung on poles in a subdivision to the time when LUS will actually start taking customers there.

Always the caveat….

4 thoughts on ““Fiber service coming to Saint Streets””

  1. can anyone describe the fiber? as in how is downloading and surfing? how is ths channel lineup compared to Cox (navigation wise)

  2. downloading and surfing is great. The navigation speed and such is very similar. The actual navigation programs are comparable…LUS’ lacks some polish but seems to work for me.

    Honestly, I prefer and use my TiVo’s navigation…just hardly use the providers, Cox or LUS. Why nobody has done a better job on the interface is just beyond me.