“Fiber rollout continues”

The Advertiser has a very measured piece about the fiber project on its front page today. Titled “Fiber rollout continues” it reports that things mostly are proceeding as expected. New news, such as it is, consists of notes about the locations of some phase 2 areas that are getting built a little early and a new reason for the slow, “controlled” rollout.

On phase 2:

LUS Director Terry Huval said crews are working in Phase II of the rollout, which includes downtown Lafayette and areas along Ambassador Caffery Parkway north of Congress Street and a small area along Johnston Street.

Huval said it can take four to six months to prepare an area to receive fiber service, which is why crews will often be seen working in multiple phase areas at the same time.

As to the slow rollout:

As for Phase I customers, Huval said the rollout continues to be slow, something that LUS officials expected. The main reason is that LUS is still using a manual system to sign up customers. Eventually, an automated system will be in place that will make the process quicker.

“That’s one of the things that keeps our rollout schedule slower than a lot of people would like to see it be,” Huval said. “When we want to serve more customers, we want to have that automated system to do it quickly and seamlessly. That’s probably going to be ready sometime this summer.”

6 thoughts on ““Fiber rollout continues””

  1. As slow as it may seem, the lack of negative news in the Advertiser leads me to believe this pace is nearly perfect. It’s amazing at what can happen when a community and government let a project proceed at it’s own pace. The positive results should be incredible. Mistakes can and will happen but without the frenetic desperation that comes from the need for success in a privatized environment, Lafayette can take time to learn and avoid needless expense that results when signing subscribers is a must.

    We’re rooting for the project and are trying to be patient while waiting for the housing market in Vegas to rebound enough to turn a profit on our home sale. It kind of hurts when our home falls in value by more than a third and the prices in Lafayette are fairly stable. But we’re planning the online business every day and can’t wait to get started the week we move to Lafayette.

  2. I don't know what goals LUS had, but I think for those in phase 1 that still don't have it, it's much slower than expected. It's almost 6 months after the launch and I know both of my parents and I thought they'd have it by now.