LUS Fiber’s First Commercial Customer Goes Live

The headline is pretty much the story: “LUS Fiber’s First Commercial Customer Goes Live.” The Independent reports that Lafayette Convention and Visitors Center (LCVC) has taken a 50 meg symmetrical service for $119.50. They like it; Breaux, LCVC Director Breaux is reported as having said:

“Unbelieveable,” he says. “It’s been a major difference [in speed] and the whole group at LUS has been incredibly cooperative to get this whole thing going.” Plans are already in the works for a media event or open house demonstration of the service at LCVC. “We want everyone to come in and see how great it really is.”

The IND notes that having only a single business customer is part of LUS Fiber’s perhaps wise but surely frustrating measured roll-out strategy:

This follows LUS’ slow rollout strategy that allows it to carefully monitor and work out any service issues before expanding its clientele.

Ok, so that makes sense. Still. We want our fiber.

8 thoughts on “LUS Fiber’s First Commercial Customer Goes Live”

  1. why are they takig so long. they ran fiber to the street a block over almost 2 months ago and havent done my street yet. its absurd…

  2. There are stages and stages…they ran the fiber strands down my block long before the had the cabinets or distribution points ready.

    If you're seeing the black cannisters on the poles around your area—call! Ask. A number of readers have reported that they were able to buy service before it had been officially announced in their area.