WBS: Slick Sam Slade Rides Again…

Governing Magazine has a good story on Lafayette’s fiber network: “Bandwidth on the Bayou.” The heart of the article is to inform its readership about the obstacles they’ll have to overcome if they try and pull down some of the broadband infrastructure stimulus money for their unserved or underserved communities—and Lafayette is their comprehensive example. Apparently we’ve seen it all!

The tale opens with the Now-famous slick Sam Slade “fast-talking his way through a mock TV commercial comparing an exotic sports car to a bicycle.” (The video is embedded in the story or you can travel directly to the YouTube video if you’d like to sample it.) From there you are walked through a very nice history of the fiber network—most of which is the story of incumbent opposition to the community’s plan and how Lafayette overcame the obstacles. It makes for a pretty stirring read (if you think public engagement in policy issues is exciting).

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