Getting His Fiber

Pat Ottinger is the happy new subscriber in this photo. It came with the following note:

Is this a great country, or what?

Can’t wait to deliver my boxes to Cox.

Merry Christmas, Pat

Pat is the city’s attorney and was our local lawyer in the many delaying lawsuits brought by the incumbents and their allies. (Like the one we won with a unanimous decision of the state supreme court.) He has earned his little silver LUS box. Congrats! (another post, this one with videos…)

PS: Isn’t the slogan on the truck: “I’m proud of my LUS Fiber” perfect for the occasion and wouldn’t it make a great yard sign?

4 thoughts on “Getting His Fiber”

  1. I am a kind and patient person. When I returned my boxes to Cox, I was met with the same service I had been tired of. Their were 20 people ahead of me and when I approached the service women, she offended me by essentially saying that she saw that I was impatiently waiting for my turn. When I returned my box, she did not say thank you for doing service with Cox or is there anything that we can do to earn your business. As a matter of fact she didn't say thank you for 20 years of business, have a good day or bye! I am enjoying LUSFiber and the kind staff. In particular the installation man was very very nice. At this stage, I have only one complaint and it is that the kind installer should have cleaned up shavings, wire,etc. after himself. How is it that suddenly when Cox fears competition that it finally builds and adequate office building.This is another indication to me that Cox took advantage of the people of Acadiana for too long.

  2. anon,

    I have to say that my experience with turning in my box wasn't so bad–nothing positive, but nothing really bad–mechanical. However, LUS wasn't yet available to many when I went and turned in my box.

    If the line at Cox was 20 deep when you went in the staff was probably pretty harried. I imagine that some fair proportion of that number were doing what you were doing—turning in their box and leaving Cox for LUS. LUS has begun offering telecom services over a larger portion of its footprint but has yet to mount a noticeable publicity campaign. I expect the lines will get longer before they get shorter and the staff more harried yet.

  3. To Anonymous:

    Thank you for purchasing LUS Fiber services.

    We are insistent that our installers do an outstanding job for every installation, including clean up. During the rare instances where we learn that proper clean up has not occurred, we send the installer back to the home to clean up – at his own cost. If you, or anyone else, feel like we did not do our job properly – feel free to contact me at or call me at 337 291 5804.

    Thanks again for your business.

    Terry Huval

  4. While I have enjoyed the internet/phone side of LUSfiber. I feel incredibly dismayed by the dumbness of the DVR. DVR has become such a vital portion of the technology available in the world today that it seems weird that something so advanced as LUSfiber would offer such an unintelligent DVR system.

    It fails to recognize shows as new or reruns. It fails to record anytime that show is on. It fails to offer options for other networks. Now it has completely failed and is offering me conflicts for shows that aren't even at the same time. The interface is menial at best. I love my fiber but for TV I love the ease of a TIVO or even Cox's offering which was more intelligent than the box LUS is using. Could you offer a commentary on the DVR service offered by LUS?