Portland’s Gigabit Beer Coming to Lafayette…

From the Mayor’s staff blog in Portland Oregon:

Saturday, Mayor Sam Adams, Hopworks Brew Master Christian Ettinger, city staff and local Google fiber initiative supporters were present to send the gift of five kegs of special organic Portland Gigabit IPA to Parish President Joey Durel of Lafayette, Louisiana — the first American city to establish a fiber-to-home infrastructure. Layfayette has proven how useful and efficient the ultra fast network technology can be and Portland is working toward doing the same.

The Gigabit send-off ceremony at PDX was a thank you to Lafayette for leading the way in fiber development and will be enjoyed during their Fiber Fete, an international summit of fiber-to-home, ‘celebrating our future connections,’ Tuesday through Thursday, April 20 – 22.

Now what can you say to that? Besides “Thank You.”

Scuttlebutt has it that Mary Beth Henry, of Portland and NATOA, will be the bearer of the good tidings. Looking forward to it! All five kegs…

2 thoughts on “Portland’s Gigabit Beer Coming to Lafayette…”

  1. John,
    We need to first invite people from Fiber Fete, then people that have subscribed to fiber, the the rest of Lafayette. Seems like we will need more beer.