Bettter Business Bureau says “No, Not Fiber” to Cox, Time Warner Cable

Better Business Bureau says that whatever it is that Cox is offering it isn’t “Fiber” according National Advertising Division (NAD) of the BBB:

In two filings this week, NAD argued that both Cox and Time Warner Cable were misleading consumers, and ‘recommended’ that both companies discontinue ads that infer they offer fiber to the home technology. NAD cites several examples, such as Cox ads that claim the company is ‘the new face of fiber,’ and Time Warner Cable ads that insist the company’s ‘advanced fiber network lets you experience the web like never before.” (dslReports)

Spotted on Evangeline Thruway

We’ve seen such nonsense here, of course, and I’ve complained, but it’s nice to know the BBB agrees.

The BBB’s press release on the matter… includes the following:

The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus has recommended that Cox Communications discontinue certain advertising claims. The company has agreed to do so…

The challenged claims include the following performance claims:
• Cox Digital cable is “delivered through our advanced Fiber Optic Network.” • “Advanced Fiber Optic Network • “Advanced Fiber Network.” • Cox is “the New Face of Fiber.” [emphasis mine]…

NAD determined that at least one reasonable interpretation of Cox’s “fiber optic network” claim is that Cox offers its services over a network which solely consists of fiber optics and is the functional and/or technical equivalent of a telecommunications network where fiber does extend to the home, a claim which the evidence in the record did not support. NAD recommended that the advertiser discontinue its use of the phrase “fiber optic network” to describe its Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) network.

So there you have it…

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