“Getting your Fiber ON”

Local videoblogger Lane (Lanevids.com) has posted a stream of consciousness review of LUS Fiber install and intial tests to his funnyrats channel on youtube.

Short version: He likes it.

Part of the reason, no doubt, is that he finds he pegs out his iPhone’s Speedtest App when using LUS Fiber to push wifi to his iPhone (left). Speedtest needs to update its graphics.

The video (below) is part of his daily vlog so if you are uninterested in the bits about his banking and his cat’s grooming habits you might want to look at the first minute or so of intro and skip to minute 5….

4 thoughts on ““Getting your Fiber ON””

  1. Yes, Routers DO make a HUGE difference. LUS must have ran across this as well as it clearly states on their speed site:

    Some devices or home routers are not capable of achieving speeds up to 100 Megabits per second.
    If you are connected behind another device or a router and not achieving speeds greater than 20 Megabits per second,
    plug your computer directly into the Ethernet cable going to the outside equipment supplied by LUS Fiber.
    *Results may vary*

  2. Yes, I can tell that they do make a difference, but even with this difference, it is still a CRAPLOAD faster than what I could get with Cox at that price, so I am perfectly happy with it.

    Do you know if there is a router that won't cause this to happen?