“LUS Fiber to hold ‘Community Fest’ Nov. 20”

Both the Advertiser and the Independent have short stories up telling essentially the same no-doubt-press-release generated story. It is also featured on LUS Fiber’s front page.

From the Advertiser:

The event will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Parc International and will feature a free concert by Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble.

KJCB apparently will co-sponoser and give away a big screen TV. Local churches and noprofits will sell lunches, keeping the proceeds….

What’s most interesting is that this event is LUS Fiber’s first community outreach event (unless you count the opening of the LUS Fiber store—and I don’t). Choosing to celebrate a local ethnic community is a reasonable opening move for Lafayette-owned utility.

So far we’ve seen all but no marketing of LUS Fiber…yard signs being the most exciting effort to date.) The Indpendent ties this event to the impending completion of the network. Here’s to hoping we see a more vigorous marketing outreach soon. I’m hoping for one that emphasizes local ownership, local control, and keeping local money in local hands.

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