LUS Fiber Refer-a-Friend v2.0

LUS is doubling down on its referral promotion. You’re probably familiar with the initial version of this social marketing idea—in that one a friend would cite you as the person that gave them a referral to LUS and LUS in return pulled 50 dollars off you bill. Nice! Version 2.0 doubles that by making sure both you and your referring friend get the benefit. And, apparently you can get that referral credit for as many friends as you convince to sign—up to the amount of your bill. Since the fine print says that you get your 50 bucks in 10 dollar increments over 5 months that means that you could get your bill zeroed out for nearly half a year if you can convince all the cousins to join up and they’d get a nice discount as well…something to talk about over the holiday table! But you have to do it by January 30th when the promotion is slated to end.

Scuttlebutt has it that the initial referral program was very successful. I’d expect this one to be at least twice as popular.

You can check out all the details at the LUS website or, if you prefer, you can listen to Dee Stanley give you the pitch at 291-8100—a robo call from Stanley is what put me onto the new launch.

This is a natural form of social marketing for any tight-knit community. If you’re the geek in the clan or the one who always knows where the best deals or in your group people trust your advice on matters like this already. Word of mouth advertising is always the best way to get new customers anyway. Turning referrals into a win-win for both sides is bound to be popular. This makes a lot more sense in a real community like Lafayette than spending the same bucket of money on conventional advertising. Everyone understands that you have spend money to acquire customers but instead of spending it on fancy advertising it makes a lot of sense to hand the money spent acquiring customers back to the members of the community that are making the project a success. I know that a more standard campaign has to be coming, and eagerly await it, but there is something very right about this being LUS’ first move.

It’s a good deal all around. And the 50 bucks deal is just a good example of the larger process: we all save when our friends and neighbors join up and support the community resource. The more customers LUS Fiber gets the more accounts its expenses are spread over and the lower everyone’s rates can be.

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