Cox finalizes netbook donations

Both the Advertiser and the Advocate had stories this morning about Cox’s donation of laptops to kids in the GEARUP program. The Advertiser’s was a brief story about Cox completing their commitment to provide the netbooks and internet connectivity to those student’s families who don’t already have it but it’s not visible on the web (see p. 3A of the print version).

The Advocate version is longer and updates an earlier version of the story from back in July when the commitment was announced. That story detailed an earlier donation by Cox and other in-town efforts to bring access to more people—private donations and two grants were applied for by LCG/LUS. LPF reviewed the story then. Neither of the grants were won.

Interestingly, the Cox press release from July used the term “bridging the digital divde” and the most recent Advocate story repeated that phrase. That’s only a catch-phrase here in Lafayette where the LUS-sponsored Digital Divide Committee back before the fiber referendum produced a document entitled “Bridging the Digital Divide” encouraged a multi-pronged attack on the problem. One of its recommendations was for a general free or reduced-cost computer program for those that qualified and were willing to “get invested” via education and/or a willingness to give back by educating others. While the educational initiatives Cox is pursuing are not at that scale they are a start. Good for Cox. And Lafayette.