“LUS Fiber now available to most of city”

Regardless of the title “LUS Fiber now available to most of city” the real story is that LUS Fiber has officially finished its build out.

“We were planning initially to have the build out finished by March or April, but we completed it ahead of time and on budget,” said Terry Huval, LUS Director. “We’re on every public street now.”

Mayor-President Durel added his remarks to the occasion:

Durel described the technology as “the infrastructure of the 21st century,” and said most of the country won’t have comparable services in 15 years.

“In 1896 the people of Lafayette voted to bring electricity here,” Durel said. “Where would we be if we didn’t have the leadership and community support we had back then? What we’re doing today, we’re doing for Lafayette 50 years from now.”

Now the build is essentially complete; further expansion of the system to some larger buildings and apartment complexes will look more like retail installs than full-scale infrastructure construction.

It is a pivotal moment in the project.

It is time to turn our attention to what we can do with our new network. Attention within LUS has necessarily been focused on getting the thing built. Now the focus can move to longer range questions. It’s both a happy day and a day for serious reflection.

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