LCT Establishes Computer Center at the Cajundome

Lafayette Coming Together’s Digital Divide Committee (LCT-DD) spearheaded an effort to put together a computer center for the refugees at the cajundome.

Long story short: We need volunteers first and foremost, and could use equipment and backup tech help. This is a critical need effort of a longer-term project to help bridge the digital divide in our community. You can sign up for volunteer slots at LCT’s “Assign Me” page. You can sign up to help in the larger digital divide effort of which this is a part at the “Involve Me” page. A very brief overview of new projects, including the digital divide effort is at LCT’s home page.

The cajundome project has become a collaborative project of the technology community in Lafayette and LCT is in collaboration with Zydetech to provide volunteer help and many people have shown up to help whose only affiliation is with those in need.


Thanks need to go out to the Red Cross for organization, the Cajudome for space, WoW! Technologies for big bandwidth, volunteers for getting LCT’s cache of marginal computers up and running, volunteers for organizing the scheduling, to the folks who came and just came and installed a small VOIP system, to Zydetech for promoting the project to its large volunteer base and helping look for equipment, to all who have redistributed the requests to mailing lists, and most of all to the volunteers who’re actually doing the work.

Thank You.

I’ve got to go help open up the site this morning but I’ll get back with a fuller post on this interesting effort–with any luck, by this afternoon.

PSC Ruling….(delayed)

While Katrina and our refugee neighbors rightly is the focus of everyone’s concerns this week, other issues still remain. One of those is the PSC ruling due out today on the accounting and regulatory rules that will shape LUS fiber to the home project. The Indpenedent does a yoeman’s job of outlining the role of the PSC and highlighting the processes and individuals who will be crucial to developing Lafayette’s fiber-optic based communications utility.

However, Jim Baller’s email newsletter says the meeting has been delayed; undoubtably on account of Katrina. I would imagine Baller, LUS’s main legal eagle would know.