Telecommuting to Korea…or Paris

The Casper Star-Tribune carries an interesting story about a small town in Wyoming, Powell, that is anticipating gaining a 150 jobs. The jobs: teaching Koreans to speak English.

The folks in Powell are understandably pleased. That’s a LOT of jobs in a town of 5,373. But your question has to be: Why Powell, Wyoming, of all places. Not, because there is a secret hotbed of Korean expats in small-town Wyoming. It’s happening because Powell is having its own fiber-optic network built. As a result, the people of Powell will have enough bandwidth in their homew to hold video-based conversations wih “students” in Korea. (That is a mighty long telecommute!)

But Powell has no other advantages beyond fiber. No one there speaks Korean, I’m willing to bet. Being able to speak the native language of the student would be a huge advantage. Which brings us to Lafayette: We’re soon going to have plenty of bandwidth available to our homes “real soon now.” And a fair proportion of the population speaks a French patois — and not a few have acquired facility with “Parisian French.”

How’d you like to make a few bucks chatting with folks in Paris? Lafayette and Paris is surely less unlikely than Powell, Wyoming and Korea….

5:56 update: You don’t have to rely on being hired by some company. You can freelance your language skills at EduFire.