Creative Commons license on Lafayette Pro Fiber

Attentive readers will notice the following strange new icon on the bottom of most of the content at Lafayette Pro Fiber: Creative Commons licence The symbol means that our content on the page is covered by a creative commons “attribution only” licence. We are cedeing the vast majority of the automatic copyright restrictions that recent laws give authors and asking only that we, and the cause we represent, be given credit.

This is intended to free people who would like to use our content in support of similar causes elsewhere from worries about how much they can use and how much they can alter what they use from concerns about generated by copyright worries. The answer now is simple: As much as you like.

Use as little or as much as you like. Customize it for your area and history, drop our little francophone oddities, reword an infelicitous sentence, restructure the argument, pull little fragments or large sections. Do what you think will make it more effective. Don’t worry about the line between inspiration and “copying.” If at the end of all that our influence seems to warrant it, cite us.

We like life simple. We hope to help make it so for others.

For a further explanation and some philosophical ramblings to accompany it see our CC explanations page—the same page you will see if you click the question mark beside our cc icon on most pages. You can take a look at the creative commons deed itself; the page that will open when you click on the cc icon on our pages. You can go from that deed to the full legal document.


2 thoughts on “Creative Commons license on Lafayette Pro Fiber”

  1. Okay – I have to admit… I’m pretty impressed by the CC. Hadn’t seen it before I saw it on – noticed it last night and was too lazy to click through and read the details. I just assumed that it was you guys using someone’s “Freeware”.

  2. Glad you like the idea. I am big admirer of Lessing and that’s how I came across it. Mike already knew of it, from music is my guess, and was all for our using it.