Cassard channeling John Mitchell?

Way back in the very early days of the Cox and BellSouth united opposition to the LUS fiber project (remember those bad old days?), local Cox honcho Gary Cassard appeared before the Lafayette Consolidated Government Council and delivered what I recall to be a threat.

The threat was that if Lafayette and LUS had the temerity to build out their own fiber network it might jeopardize significant new investments in Lafayette. Cassard specifically mentioned the fact that the LUS fiber project might imperil Cox’s plans to build a new operations center in the Hub City.

Judging by the story in today’s Daily Advertiser, that really wasn’t Cassard talking. Turns out that the new Cox facility on Eraste Landry Road is coming after all — yes, despite the fact that voters have declared that they want a publicly financed fiber network connecting every home and office in the city.

Could it be that Cassard was not actually delivering a threat, but merely channeling felonious former U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell? It was Mitchell, President Nixon’s attorney general, who soothed campaign supporters worried about liberal-sounding rhetoric coming out of the new administration with the famous phrase: “Watch what we do, not what we say.

Today’s story is proof of Mitchell’s maxim about what matters. Today Cox is building, not bluffing. Now, if they could only convince their erstwhile partners in the huff-n-bluff (BellSouth) to live life accordingly.