The Good: Fiber To The Home…in Morehouse Parish

Hey, it’s true…Northeast Louisiana Telephone Company up in Morehouse Parish is going to rebuild its aging copper network and roll out FTTH in rural parts of the parish. It serves customers in Collinston, Bonita, and Jones. They are up in the NE corner of the state outside Bastrop.

Read all about it in the Monroe News Star. The heart of the story:

The Collinston-based company will replace its current copper network with buried fiber optic cable that will give its customers access to high-speed Internet, digital TV service and expanded telephone service.

The funds, awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture following a grant application by the company last summer, include a $4,359,000 grant and a $8,124,600 low-interest loan. The company must complete the project within three years under the terms of the grant.


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