Refer a Friend: LUS begins Social Marketing Push

Ok, now that’s what I’ve been wanting to see! LUS has begun a real marketing push that leverages its home town advantage.

The “Refer a Friend” program recently launched by email announcements to current subscribers and promoted on the web offers both current subscribers and their new subscriber friends 50 dollars each time a friend joins up…

It’s brilliant. Folks who’ve got the service are always the best advertising…and are already doing most of the marketing that’s getting done. (Notice the distinct lack of LUS media marketing to date? I have. Where are they getting their good numbers? From the word of mouth of friends and neighbors…) This puts a little juice into the deal and rewards those who are advocates of the local service.

If I were LUS I’d do two things: 1) blast this from billboards and 2) emphasize the local angle even more. It’s our network. Everyone who comes on is one more person who’s making our network a success…as more and more of the community comes aboard the cost per each user drops, we pay back the bond holders quicker and LUS can lower our prices yet more. It’s a good deal all around. And the 50 bucks deal is just a good example of the larger process: we all save when our friends and neighbors join up and support the community resource.

P.S.: Anyone need a friend? 😉

2 thoughts on “Refer a Friend: LUS begins Social Marketing Push”

  1. Raymond,

    I just assumed that it was going to all subscribers like the occasional promotional announcements I receive…but maybe you do have to sign up. I do get it at my LUS account so if you don't check that one maybe you're not seeing it.

    Re the new STB software from MS…no I've heard nothing. Very frustrating. More talk would be a very good thing.