“Locals curious about fiber”

This morning’s Advertiser has a short (though front page) article on public reaction to the imminent launch of the Lafayette fiber project. It’s a color story, with not much in it but the public reactions to what they’ve been informed (and misinformed) about concerning the new system.

On the upside they get the basic reactions of people on the street pretty much right: cautious excitement.

Two things on the downside: 1) The Advertiser persists in repeating the mistaken idea that all LUS has announced so far is the prices of the three “VIP” tiers when Huval clearly has said that the prices announced for services were the same whether you bundled them together or not both in the council presentation and in their own comments pages. (Incidently, this is a feature; something to like…) 2) that bit of repeated misreporting gives the Advertiser’s coterie of local Lafayette-haters something semi-concrete, if mistaken, to whine about…every city (and every barbershop) has its little group of nay-sayers. But it is a pity that the Advertiser has chosen to give their ugliness both anonymity and a semi-legitimate forum.

33 thoughts on ““Locals curious about fiber””

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