A rant against the all-mobile utopians

What he said:

Fiber Evolution: “In which I rant against the all-mobile utopians

Benoît Felten rants against the silly ideas associated with mobile utopianism. Some of those, like the idea that mobile networks can under any conceivable use case substitute for wireline for more than a small minority of people you’ll be familiar with from these pages. But Benoit has a knack for cutting to the most fundamental points…He’s right that there simply isn’t enough bandwidth to keep that many bits flying. But the most profound point is that mobile networks don’t even exist. Good point. What’s called a mobile network is, for almost all the miles a message covers, fiber or copper wireline. Only the last, small cell—small and getting smaller as user density/bandwidth demand ramps up— transit the “airwaves.”

As always: Fiber First.